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Accelerate Forth growth

Powerful and flexible Forth & JavaScript capabilities for embedded systems:

  • Powerful set of Forth & JavaScript extended libraries, including PostScipt graphics
  • Powerful embedded properties like compactness, simple portability, modularity and high speed.
  • Comfortable IDE that provides fast and simple remote debugging and remote file managing and editing
  • Open and royalty free for OEM
  • Comprehensive on-line documentation and tutorials

The goal

  • Fully supported via the Internet
  • Visual integrated development and interactive dubugging environment including tools like CASE, project management facility, code analysis and native code generation
  • Well engineered language extensions for OOP, graphics, windowing, networking, multitasking, etc
  • Easily portable real time multitasking Virtual-Machine supporting both the parallel and distributed computing paradigms

TpForth Applications

TpForth project scope is to offer complete development system equipped with broad based, fully accessible, industrial application library; for instance: SCADA (supervisor control and data acquisition), data logging, robot controller, MMI (man machine interface), ladder logic interpreter, visual tool for FSM (finite state machine) generation, etc.

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